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    Mesin polisher lantai

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    Specification :

    Marble polishing machines and carpet cleaning machines, machine polisher

    MACHINE polisher 17 " ( 154 RPM) 1 year warranty INCLUDES: Scrub Brush Holder PAD SOLUTION TANK


    A. Washing Machine CARPET.

    1. Machines for cleaning your carpet home.
    2. Washing machine for the office carpet.
    3. Carpet factory for washing machine.
    4. Machines for washing carpets Studio.
    5. Masjid carpets for machine washing.
    6. Machines for washing carpets Hotel.
    7. Machines for washing carpets apartment.
    8. Villa for carpet washing machines

    B. Polishing Machine for Marble

    2. Marble Polishing MACHINES.
    3. Polishes GRANITE MACHINE.
    4. Polishing MACHINES TRASO.
    5. Polishing MACHINES GRANITO.
    6. Polishes CERAMIC MACHINES.

    Cleaning service for shopping malls, hotel cleaning service, cleaning service apartments, office cleaning services such as: poliser floor china / italy floor polisher, floor poliser, Dry vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet extractor, vacuum extractor

    Scrubber and Polisher

    Features :
    It is handy and has a beatiful appearance and a precise and compact internal structure. It uses an air-cooling motor and adopts the double capacitor design, allowing a safer operation. Its driving parts are of the fine steel made triple-epicyclic-gear. It is well enclosed and its driving is smooth, thus allowing a long operation. It has multiple functions such as cleaning carpet and floor, wax removing and low-speed polishing.

    Company Contact
    Ms. Yati SE [Director/CEO/General Manager]
    JLN Makam Pahlawan Komplek Taman Juanda Blok P2 nomor 10
    Bekasi 17111, Jawa Barat
    Phone Number:
    Phone number of Ms. Yati SE at Bekasi
    Fax Number:
    Fax number of Ms. Yati SE at Bekasi
    Y!: Y!: alatcleaningservice
    Google Talk:

    Terima Service mesin-mesin cleaning service rusak atau mati seperti : blower keong - vacuum cleaner - polisher machine - Vacuum Industri - sweeper -Small Maintainer - SCRUBER MECHINE -WIND BLOWER Raid on batre dll

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